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 "I have taught machine embroidery and longarm quilting at regional and national shows for the last ten years. I was not a fan of fusible webbing until I discovered Shades SoftFuse. I have used Shades SoftFuse exclusively in my classes and in my show quilts for the past three years."

 "If you do appliqué on your longarm, domestic sewing machine or by hand, please do yourself a favor and try Shades SoftFuse. Other fusibles can give your appliqué a stiff feeling and appearance and even cause you to break a needle. Shades SoftFuse is virtually undetectable. I recommend Shades SoftFuse to all my students. They love it! So do I! And so will you!"

Happy Appliquéing,

Jo Ann Blade

"Using the best quality products when creating masterpiece-quality applique is essential to my work. Shades SoftFuse is the perfect fusible web for fine machine applique, which is the only type of machine applique that I create. It's delicate, yet strong; fuses beautifully, adds a crisp edge to the applique and the bond enhances the stitching. Shades SoftFuse is simply the BEST fusible on the market!"

Annie Smith

"I have been teaching quilting to adults for nine years through our local public school system and I have used Shades SoftFuse for my fusible appliqué for the past year. I have found this product to be of superior quality. It leaves the appliqué with a wonderfully soft hand; it does not gum up the needle, and is very easy to work with. I have even used it to fuse specialty fabrics like silk and lame by moderating the temperature and using a press sheet. I like that it can be purchased in sheets or by the yard. I highly recommend this product."

Karen Brixner